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$intro_desc = "So you're coming to Half Moon Bay (on the California coast just 30 minutes south of San Francisco) and would like to catch a nice show in the evening? You're in luck. Not only does this site list the great galleries and live music events in town, it also has updated information on amazing performances by local theather and comedy group. Whether you want to listen to Jazz, Blues or Rock and enjoy spectacular ocean views, or prefer to catch an independent film <a href=\"http://www.halfmoonbayshops.com\" target=\"_self\"></a>in the evening near downtown, or to explore the creative art and designs in one of our amazing galleries while sipping on excellent vino you're sure to find the right event here in Half Moon Bay.<br />
<br />
While you're here, don't forget to stop in to one of the town's wonderful <a href=\"http://www.halfmoonbayshops.com\" target=\"_self\">shops</a>, or have a delectable meal at one of our fabulous <a href=\"http://www.halfmoonbaydining.com/\" target=\"_self\">restaurants</a>. If you need a place to stay you're sure to find the perfect room in one of our <a href=\"http://www.halfmoonbayaccommodations.com\">many hotels and inns</a> <br />
<br />
Looking for more activities in Half Moon Bay? Check out our selection of <a href=\"http://www.halfmoonbayschools.com\">classes and workshops</a> on the coast.<br />
<br />
Enjoy your visit, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!";

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